Job Search Etiquette: Interviewing While Employed

While in the market for a new job, you will always appear to be a stronger candidate when you are a valued asset to a team – even if it is a team you plan to leave. Arriving to an interview “unemployed” may raise a red flag and potentially pose some cause for concern. Not to mention, quitting your current position to seek new employment can create a financial burden and cause unnecessary stress.

There is a right way and wrong way to look for a job while still gainfully employed. Here are some tips as you prepare to land your next opportunity:

  1. Do not check out mentally. Even though you have decided to move on, continue to give your current position the attention and respect required. Your salary has not been reduced nor should your effort as long as you are employed by the company.
  2. Keep your search quiet. Sharing your decision to pursue another job with your coworkers over lunch may make you feel more comfortable, but also puts you in a position of weakness. A coworker could easily betray your confidence, or your boss may learn of the news through the wrong channels. She should hear it from you first, not last.