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Permanent Placement, Contract and Payroll Staffing Solutions

Staff Augmentation/Contract Temporary Services

Staff Augmentation/Contract Temporary Services: We produce vetted Talent that align with our Client’s Requirements. Time and cost savings happen with the elimination of benefits, bonuses, overhead and taxes. Clients enjoy the flexibility of staffing up or down according to their project demands. We deliver these services in Texas, Nevada, California, Washington, South Carolina and Georgia.


Direct Hire/Permanent Placement Services

Direct Hire/Permanent Placement Services: We produce vetted Talent aligning with our Client’s Requirements on a contingent search bases. We eliminate advertising and screening through stacks of resumes resulting in a cost and time saving for our Clients. We deliver these service offerings Nationwide.

Off-Site Design/Cad Services

Off-Site Design/Cad Services: The services afford the Design Manager the best of both worlds. They have the flexibility of managing existing drawings and taking on Special Projects with ease. Because the work is performed Off-site, there is no additional headcount or office space required. A Senior Designer can be available to meet on occasion when needed.

Architectural drawings

What Some Of Our Clients Say…

“My experience with SuperbTech, Inc. has been great. In looking for a contract employee, they took the time to understand my needs and expectations.

The attention to detail and timely communication was perfect. I would definitely utilize SuperbTech, Inc. in the future.”

“Our Agency has relied on SuperbTech for Engineering, Computer, and Professional Talent over the years. The quality has been excellent, with a number of conversions to permanent. My relationship with SuperbTech is positive. Their response is immediate always meeting my expectation.”

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